Earnest Grey

ex-Diplomatic Corp sniper



  • +2 Mettle
  • +1 Physique
  • -1 Influence
  • +1 Expertise
  • +0 Interface


  • Unique Weapon (sniper rifle)
  • False ID (can choose beforehand to act without incurring Debt or Favour)
  • Sneak Attack
  • Stealth


  • Class 3 Sniper Rifle: Scoped, Concealed, Suppressed
  • Class 2 Formal Suit: Meshweave, Stealthy
  • Class 1 Boot Knife, Concealed
  • Class 1 Infiltration Kit
  • Class 0 Casual Tourist Attire



Born Valerian Brown in the slums of Terra, he joined the military as the only way off the streets. Showed a talent for marksmanship and sneaking and was transferred to the Diplomatic Corp after completing Basic. Trained in covert ops, particularly assassination. On his first off-world assassination, he was ordered to kill a Martian strike organizer who was holding up production. Finding this hard to justify, he switched ID’s at Stickney Station on Phobos and bought passage to Dejima Station. Although considered a deserter by the Diplomatic Corp, legally the only charge they could publicly justify is Theft of Government Property. Once many hops from Terra, changing IDs a few times, he settled on the ID of Earnest Grey and has used it ever since.

Earnest Grey

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