Earnest Grey

ex-Diplomatic Corp sniper



  • +2 Mettle
  • +1 Physique
  • -1 Influence
  • +1 Expertise
  • +0 Interface


  • Unique Weapon (sniper rifle)
  • False ID (can choose beforehand to act without incurring Debt or Favour)
  • Sneak Attack
  • Stealth
  • Criminal (leave no evidence)
  • Tactics (In combat 7-9, choose outcome)
  • Toughness (2 slots of each damage severity)


  • Class 3 Sniper Rifle: Scoped, Concealed, Suppressed
  • Class 2 Formal Suit: Meshweave, Stealthy
  • Class 1 Boot Knife, Concealed
  • Class 1 Infiltration Kit
  • Class 0 Casual Tourist Attire
  • Class 0 Pistol



Born Valerian Brown in the slums of Terra, he joined the military as the only way off the streets. Showed a talent for marksmanship and sneaking and was transferred to the Diplomatic Corp after completing Basic. Trained in covert ops, particularly assassination. On his first off-world assassination, he was ordered to kill a Martian strike organizer who was holding up production. Finding this hard to justify, he switched ID’s at Stickney Station on Phobos and bought passage to Dejima Station. Although considered a deserter by the Diplomatic Corp, legally the only charge they could publicly justify is Theft of Government Property. Once many hops from Terra, changing IDs a few times, he settled on the ID of Earnest Grey and has used it ever since.

Since falling in with the current motley crew, he is glad to have partners in crime that he can trust – a hard thing to find. He is secretly proud of being the protector of the crew, though having an armored android around to help makes that easier.

Earnest Grey

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