Yuki Hayashi

Detached, restless, polite Consul Starfarer with Productive origin



  • +1 Mettle
  • 0 Physique
  • +2 Influence
  • +1 Expertise
  • -1 Interface


  • Linguist – speak any language passably
  • Advise – Roll + Influence to steer a decision
  • Cosmopolitan – When Assessing a society: 10+ → 3 Data Points; 7-9 → 1 Data Point
  • Acumen – When first visiting an environment ask a question (see list)


  • Class 0 Simple Clothing
  • Class 1 Broadcast Kit
  • Class 1 Concealed, Penetrating Knife
  • Class 2 Impressive Armoured Formal Wear


  • 1 debt to Kitai
  • 1 debt to The Syndicate
  • 1 debt to Space Nomads

Yuki was born to a traditional Japanese family on Mirai where he was raised until the age of 15. In a family that reject modern labour-saving tools (the robotic Hitokara) Yuki learned the value of hard work, and how to peacefully co-exist with family that did not share his values. After leaving to seek greener pasture, Yuki lived on Miray for several years, working various jobs, before convincing the Yakuza to find him passage out of the system on a Miray trade ship.

After leaving Kitai, Yuki worked on a variety of ships becoming something of a jack-of-all trades on a starship (though master of none). This included a brief, unintentional, and hastily abandoned stint on a ship owned by The Syndicate and a lengthy period of time with the Space Nomads to whom he feels he owes a great debt for the kindness they showed him. Through these myriad jobs Yuki has felt as though he has been searching for a home where he can feel comfortable. He has realized that his most enjoyable jobs have been those that required diplomatic interactions with other people and if he should ever find a home he would consider trying to become a diplomat.

Yuki Hayashi

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