"If the time should ever come when what is now called science, thus familiarized to men, shall be ready to put on, as it were, a form of flesh and blood, the Poet will lend his divine spirit to aid the transfiguration, and will welcome the Being thus produced, as a dear and genuine inmate of the household of man."

— William Wordsworth, Preface to Lyrical Ballads

= The Chronicles of Our Adventures =

"We're not murder hobos.  We're civil unrest hobos."

"Did that count as terrorism?  Because that makes three sessions in a row."

"Caspar is the freedom fighter.  We're the terrorists."

"We have pills for cancer.  We don't have pills for bullets."

"Well, they have this crazy street preacher and no one assassinated him…"
"No, I did!"

"We've disguised our explosives as other explosives… why was this a good idea?"

Uncharted Worlds: Reign of Terra

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