Uncharted Worlds: Reign of Terra

Road Trip

By Chudo

We managed to land on Verne and get rid of that Caspar fellow and his girlfriend (his girlfriend was all right, but that man is something else…). We arranged for the modifications on the Val (Valjean's got us all calling her that now). Iko and I purchased a decent sized shuttle, because we're tired of cramming into the speeder and still having to take multiple trips. 

Unfortunately, it seemed that some of our payments hadn't arrived. We managed to scrape enough together to take care of it for the moment, but we really need to get to the bottom of that. I would suspect Caspar if he wasn't such a fool. Hmmm.

Valjean wanted to go to Miskatonic University for his robot project, and Iko was really interested, so we headed there. Yuki left in advance, and heard that a couple of geology professors had gone missing recently. We talked to their wife (singular), and she said that they'd gone to investigate the tectonic activity in a different area. Their laptops confirmed this. They couldn't offer us much, but we decided to help them anyway because she was at her wits' end.

We headed to the area, which was being evacuated. Earnest, Valjean, and Yuki managed to get themselves appointed police deputies and I have no idea how – it probably has something to do with whatever Valjean and Earnest were doing a few days ago that they are so mysterious about. Meanwhile, Iko and I had a run-in with some Magnadyne security officers who just showed up out of nowhere. Fortunately, we were able to play innocent and talk our way out.

We tracked down a couple more geologists / explorers who were originally supposed to join our missing two, but hadn't arrived in time. With them in tow, we purchased some equipment and rented a truck to head out to the volcano. That took a whole two days driving, and the truck didn't behave too well. I think the others got annoyed at me and Iko for some reason, and one of the explorers got into a fight with Yuki. I talked to her later, and she seemed nice, so I'm guessing he said something.

Eventually, we got to a valley, and to our surprise there was a lot of stuff growing in it. That jungle looks dangerous.



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