Unit T-00024601 "Valjean"

Android mechanic



  • +2 Expertise
  • +1 Physique
  • +1 Mettle
  • +0 Interface
  • -1 Influence

Racial Modifiers

  • Inorganic (Ignore organic weakness)
  • Electronic (Harmed by EMP)
  • Repairable (Does not heal naturally)
  • Upgradable (Support for 2 additional cybernetic Mods)
  • Non-human (-1 initial skill)


  • Heavy Lifting (ignore Clumsy from weight, encumbrance, high gravity)
  • Better (+2 cybermods)
  • Repair (fix critical/fatal breakages on machines)
  • Dismantle (On forceful dismantling, roll + Physique, choose 2 on 10+, 1 on 7-9 of quick, not attention grabbing, recover components, could rebuild it, gain a Data Point)
  • Harder (Resist damage as a vehicle; reduce by one step before Brace for Impact, unless Penetrating or Breaching)
  • Upgrade (Patch Up temporarily upgrades a vehicle or weapon, Class +1)

EXP Triggers

  • “A pivotal data cluster is accessed.” (Technocrat)
  • “A breakage occurs.” (Industrial)
  • “A key component is installed.” (Augmented)
  • “A piece of junk proves pivotal” (Industrial)


  • Work boots, toolbelt, gloves, fedora, high-collared trench coat (Class 0 Rugged Attire)
  • Arc Welder (Class 1 Melee Weapon, 1H, Melee, Energy, Shock)
  • Rivet Gun (Class 1 Firearm, 1H, Adjacent/Close, Penetrating)
  • General Purpose Tool “GPT” (Class 2 Melee Weapon, 2H, Melee, Heavy, Switching[Severing,Impact], Destructive) “combo jackhammer/reciprocal saw in a heavy metal case”
  • Tommy Gun (Class 1 Firearm, 2H, Close/Far, Sustained)
  • Vernier Encounter Suit (Class 1 Attire, Sealed + Heat Resistant)
  • Integrated toolkit (Cybermod – arms, Implements[Engineering])
  • Thermal vision (Cybermod – eyes, Perception[Heat])



Unit T-00024601 was originally commissioned on New Eden as a general-purpose equipment-repair Android, assigned to Timothy Virgo, who owned a garage in the town of Grudem; Virgo eventually rose to Grudem Elder, and purchased ‘601 (at a substantially discounted rate) from the Councils for his personal workforce. Some years after this, the teacher at the local polytechnic was forced off-planet in a hurry mid-term (he had started to advocate for android rights in his classroom). Requiring a more tractable teacher in a hurry, Virgo contracted with Dr. Grace Calvin, a local roboticist, to refit ’601 as a teacher. Unbeknownst to Virgo, Grace was a closet android sympathizer, and provided ’601 with a substantial database of human knowledge and banned media in addition to the pedagogical programming (Asimov’s I, Robot is particularly controversial on New Eden). After an incident in history class where ‘601, with the benefit of its added database, realized that the androids of New Eden were slaves, and started working the ethical implications of this out in front of the class, Virgo slated it for destruction. Grace, however, hired the crew of the Trees of Valinor to break ’601 out and take it off New Eden. T-00024601 has since taken the name “Valjean” (from Victor Hugo’s prisoner 24601 in Les Miserables) and adopted the corresponding male pronouns (because “it” is demeaning). He now makes his way through a galaxy rife with anti-android prejudice, scraping a living as a mechanic while attempting to acquire enough resources and influence to mount a successful android revolution on New Eden, where he is considered a fugitive from the law.


  • After the events of “Embassy Escape” Valjean built himself a new outer shell out of steel. He is now a matte gunmetal grey, with “Valjean” written in Vernier Cirth in shiny brass on the back of his neck where his serial number used to be.

Unit T-00024601 "Valjean"

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