Uncharted Worlds: Reign of Terra

Embassy Escape

Recorded by Valjean

I'm now a supporting character in a viral video; in "Dejima Tram Riot" by @CursingABlueHairedStreak I play "daft robot blocking the shot" (the videographer's words, not mine). How did I get there? Well, things on Dejima Station were going pretty smoothly (the bribed dock supervisor helped) — we had traded our horses to a local racing aficianado for some more easily portable spices and sent Princess Faria and Bita back home safely. Chudo had a pretty tense meeting with her grandmother, Mara, but no shots were fired, and the crew got back to Val safely with a new mission to find out what is going on with the government on Pardis. We may need to come back under a false registration, after all the shenanigans we've gotten up to on Dejima, though…

Things started to go south when we decided to try and make some money on the trip out, though — we put an ad for transport to Verne on the local net, and were contacted by Ms 535 with a contract to take a passenger out to Verne, payment to be Nautilus Corporation stock (it doesn't take any space in the cargo hold!). The only wrinkle was that the passenger was Caspar, who was hiding from Ad Astra security in the Terran Embassy after the events of the crew's last visit to Dejima.

Getting Caspar out of the Embassy wasn't going to be a problem, he was a refugee, not a prisoner, the trick was going to be getting him past Ad Astra undetected. We decided to take advantage of the labour dispute to create a distraction (we sure do tend to disturb things wherever we go…). Chudo met up with a local Calvinist priest, Solemn, who is organizing a labour union, but he was too much of a peacemaker for our purpose. However, he did let drop the name of one of the most hotheaded members of his congregation, and Yuki met up with him instead.

He and Yuki made an unlikely pairing, but they got on like a house on fire — when some off-duty Ad Astra guards got on the tram they were riding, the situation quickly devolved into a bloody brawl, and we had our riot. However, the riot was on a tram a quarter of the station away from the embassy, and it was blocking traffic, including the tram behind with the rest of the team (and @CursingABlueHairedStreak, a fiesty older lady with a video-cane). Iko got us out of that one, hacking the trams to get them moving again (after retrieving Yuki from his suddenly not-so-safe location). Things escalated further when Iko overrode the safeties on the tram and plowed through a security cruiser, then cracked security and made a station-wide broadcast announcing a riot in the Presidium.

By this point the team (and the riot) had reached the Terran Embassy, where Earnest was waiting for us with a smoke bomb. Under cover from the crowd and smoke, Chudo and I retrieved Caspar (and his girlfriend Marina, a late addition to the job) from the Embassy. Luckily, my thermal vision is good for more than air leak diagnostics, and I was able to guide the other three back through a blind haze of smoke. Chudo and Caspar made a run for the luxury docks in the Presidium, where Iko had found a birth for the (remote-controlled) flyer left by a luxury yacht avoiding the riot. With our wanted passenger safely off-station, the rest of us contacted our bribed supervisor for a lift back to the Trees of Valinor.

As we were all getting onboard Val, Elon noted that the Buffalo Buffalo was entering system, blazing toward Pardis at a rather excessive speed. The traffic-control warnings provided a perfect excuse to get underway out-of-system, but we watched the progress of our recent acquaintances with interest. Fire from the interdiction fleet appeared to shatter the Buffalo, ejecting its cargo modules in a spray of debris, but we saw one module change course to make planetfall, apparently under its own power (the other modules were salvaged by nearby ships; I was glad to see Integrity Barth rescued)

As we approach Verne seeking some ship upgrades, I hope that this will be one planet we leave without creating a civil disturbance, but whatever happens will certainly be interesting.



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