Negotiate a Job

When you negotiate a shady contract, roll +Influence.

On a 10+, pick one:

  • You know identifying details of the employer.If the employer is familiar to you, you learn of the motivations behind the job.
  • You know intimate details of the target.
  • Pick 3 from the list below.

On a 7-9, pick one:

  • You gain a Data Point about the employer.
  • You gain a Data Point about the target.
  • You secure a guarantee of payment (partially in advance, something to hold on to, or something for your troubles, GM’s choice).
  • The meeting does not attract unwanted attention.

On a 6-, times are desperate and you’re flying on fumes.  In addition to any consequences from the fiction, if you turn down this job, the GM makes a move.

Negotiate a Job

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