Dejima Station

Dejima Station is a enormous space station in a horseshoe co-orbit with Pardis around the central star.  This unusual orbit brings Dejima within shuttle range of the planet approximately twice a year, during the Perigee Festivals.  The station is operated by the RDA interstellar trade corporation.

Travel and Custom Information

The royal family of Pardis strictly forbids direct travel to and from the planet.  Instead, all traffic must be cleared through Dejima Station.  In practice, most goods and passengers are offloaded from starships and continue in system ships for the planetary leg of the journey.  Through this arrangement, the royal family exercises a great deal of control over travel of their citizens and their exposure to outside influences.


The internal layout of the station faciliates the planetary screening process.  Much of its internal volume is in the outer rings, where starships can dock, refuel and exchange goods and passengers.  The smaller inner ring manages the local system ships, with the customs and screening located in the hallways connecting the two rings.

Orbit and the Perigee Festival

Dejima co-orbits with Pardis around the star in a horseshoe orbit.  This unusual orbit takes Dejima within 500,000 km at the closest approach (the perigee), and over 2 AU at the furtherest point.  The 2-week long Perigee Festival coincides with the period of closest approach.  For many Pardisian citizens, this is the only chance they can afford a visit to the station and experience the wealth and diversity of the galaxy.


In addition to standard armaments for a station of its size, RDA also operates three wings of interceptors and support carriers for anti-piracy patrols from Dejima Station.


In 200AL, Dejima Station suffered significant damage and loss of life due to the Tramway Riots, leading to the Ad Astra Corporation's plea to the Terran Republic Government for military intervention.  Before the Terran Grand Fleet could be deployed to the system, a Magnadyne strike force under the alledged employ of the Pardis Royal Family penetrated station perimeter and disabled the station's weapon platform, preventing the station from participating in the conflict in Pardis space.

Dejima Station

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