Trees of Valinor

Vernier Class 2 Transport with a storied and unknown past.  Acquired at an auction at the Geldhuis, with members of the crew being part owners.


  • Point Defense Turret - Swift light weapons. Firepower of a Heavy Firearm. Shoots down debris, mini-asteroids, missiles, mines, enemy fighters. Do little damage to starships.

Living Quarters

  • Fascade - False ID/ registry, disguised as something else. Crawlspaces, hidden compartments, false walls.
  • Habitat - Highly controlled, sealed space. Mimics natural habitats or planetary environments. Self-contained life support, grav simulators, etc.
  • Research - Sensors gather scientific readings. Laboratory, containment units, sample scanners, sealed storage.

Cargo Bay

  • Launchpad - Carries 2 additional flyers, with airlock and launch tracks.  Ms Frizzle and Liz


  • Manufactory - Engineering bays. Builds, upgrades and repairs. Workbenches, tool racks, winches, pulleys, lifts.

Trees of Valinor

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